Remove your truffles out of the package as soon as you receive them. If you are not using the truffles immediately: wrap each one individually in a dry paper towel, place them in an air-tight container (glass jar or Tupperware) and store in the refrigerator. Each day, if you still have truffles, replace the paper towel every morning, to ensure that the truffles are continuously wrapped in a dry paper towel. You will notice that overnight, your truffles will release moisture, causing the paper towels to dampen. Truffles do not do well with moisture, as it will cause them to age quickly. Truffles will stay fresh for several days if you follow this method. When using truffles, make sure to not expose truffles to air for long periods of time.


Eggs: Store unwrapped truffles in a sealed container with eggs overnight. Eggs have a porous shell and will take on the aroma of the truffles.
Rice/Potatoes: Store unwrapped truffles in a sealed container with rice or potatoes overnight. They will take on the aroma of the truffles.


Truffles are typically used as a finishing touch to a dish. You can shave or grate truffles onto a dish when it’s ready to serve. Some species can handle light cooking, but be very careful, as heat can destroy the flavor and aroma of the truffles. Truffles do not need to be peeled. Any leftover pieces and crumbs should still be utilized- they can be minced and folded into butter, stored into the freezer for up to six months.


It is important to let the truffles shine when adding them to a dish. Therefore, truffles are best paired with foods with light or fatty flavors. Traditional pizza, pasta, and risottos are always a perfect way to showcase truffles, but one can also incorporate truffles onto a variety of dishes: eggs, meats, seafood - even ice cream! It is best to stay away from foods that are spicy or acidic, as this will overshadow the truffle flavor.


Sabatino Tartufi is the world’s largest truffle manufacturer. The family-owned company has been in business for over 110 years and has been cultivating and distributing the highest quality truffles. Sabatino Tartufi produces, imports, manufactures and distributes authentic truffle products in their 60,000 sq ft facility located in West Haven, CT.