Black Winter Australian Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) 

Although truffles are a new crop to Australia, having begun its first harvest in 1999, the Australian truffle industry has grown rapidly. At Sabatino Tartufi we have partnered with the largest truffle growers in Western Australia where the conditions are ideal for truffle growing.

Tucked in the southwestern corner of the country and continent, Western Australia features a temperate continental climate that offers warm summer days and cool winter temperatures with periodic rains that help hydrate the forests and grasslands. These conditions combine to create an ideal climate for truffle production that makes Black Winter truffles from Australia every bit as delicious as their European counterparts.

Sabatino Tartufi has developed strong relationships with partners in Western Australia to bring you the highest quality Black Winter truffles. Now, chefs and truffle lovers all over the world are able to enjoy a bi-annual black winter truffle supply, as the European winter season directly follows the Australian winter season.  

The aroma and flavor of these black winter truffles is every bit as robust, earthy, and decadent. With hints of chocolate, black olive, and strong umami flavor characteristics these truffles pack a ton of flavor in each bite. Because of the complex flavor profile, ranging from earthy to slightly sweet, the uses are limitless. 

From June through August, you can enjoy these delicious black winter Australian truffles. The surface of the truffle ranges from dark brown to black.  With a jet-black interior and striking white marbling, this hypnotic contrast adds a stunning touch to every dish!