Valentine’s Day is one of the best times of year to celebrate your love. We know not everyone is great at expressing their love and sometimes, very often, it’s easier to show it rather than say it. This year, on Valentine’s Day, if you would prefer to show the truffle lover in your life just how much you love them, we encourage you to do it with truffles.

Truffles are some of the rarest and most expensive ingredients in the world, so using truffles in a meal shows that special someone that you care by sharing some of the most special moments together.

While truffles are one of the most sought after delicacies in the world, there are also a number of products we make with fresh truffles that are considerably more affordable but still offer the heightened experience only truffles can bring.

We want to help you avoid heartbreak when using our products, so we’ve created this quick guide to using some of our best-selling products in dishes every truffle fan is sure to love. Below is a quick list of some Valentine’s Day favorites and how to serve them up on this extra special occasion.

Fresh Black Winter Truffles

Fresh Black Winter Truffles

February 14th falls right in the heart of the fresh Black Winter Truffle season. Tuber Melanosporum, as they are known by their scientific name, Black Winter truffles are the most robust and flavorful truffles available on Valentine’s Day each year. They are also among the most expensive. Shaved on top of pasta, soups, vegetables or proteins, these winter delicacies are richly fragrant offering dark, earthy aromas to any dish. 

When ordering fresh truffles, 1oz is typically plenty of truffles for serving two. If you’re entertaining more guests, we encourage you to check out our blog post on How much fresh truffle do I use in a serving?, which provides per serving recommendations on how much truffle to use per serving. Spoiler alert: 5 to 7 grams is adequate for an entree or main course, but if you decide to go with more, treat yourselves!

White Truffle Spread
Preserved Truffles

We believe truffles should be enjoyed year round, so we have developed a number of preserved truffle products that can be enjoyed year round, including on Valentine’s Day. These products offer the same look of fresh truffles, but are less costly and more convenient. 

Our Sliced Summer Truffles offer a taste of the summer on a cold winter’s day in the middle of February. Similarly, our Whole Summer Truffles are preserved and jarred for occasions just like Valentine’s Day when the moment calls for the wow factor only truffles can bring to the table.

When a saucier consistency is called for, our Truffle Spread and White Truffle Spread deliver in spades. Made from black summer truffles, our truffle spread combines peak season truffles with mushrooms, herbs and spices blended into a pesto-like consistency making it easy to use as a dip, topping, or folded into a sauce.

Going one step further, our White Truffle Spread combines our precious white truffles with mushrooms, herbs and spices for an even more luxurious sauce that can be used in a similar fashion. 

Truffle Zest

Truffle Zest

Truffle Zest is one of our customers’ favorite products because of its versatility and ease of use. Since we introduced it, Truffle Zest has been used by millions of people to add an instant dash of truffle flavor to any dish. On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to add a small dash of Truffle Zest seasoning on top of your finished dish to add a hint of real black truffle flavor. 

Some of our favorite uses are on top of pasta, grilled or roasted chicken, and pizza. Some of our customers also season their steaks with Truffle Zest before grilling them, then add an extra pinch just before serving.

White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Oil

White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is one of the most versatile and cost-effective ingredients we produce. What separates our truffle oils from the rest is we actually start with real truffles and extract their flavors and aromas in-house using our own proprietary steam extraction process. The result are all-natural truffle oils infused with the rich, complex, and earthy notes truffles are known for.

Our White Truffle infused Olive Oil features the bright, fragrant, and complex notes of white truffles, the rarest and most prized species of truffle. White truffle oil can be used to finish everything from pastas to pizzas to meat and seafood dishes. It also works amazingly well on vegetables. Because the flavor is so concentrated, a little goes a long way.

Similarly, our Black Truffle infused Olive Oil offers darker, more robust and earthier notes which reflect similar notes found in the black truffles we use to create this oil. Because of these darker notes, black truffle oil is particularly suited for pasta dishes containing mushrooms, as well as red meat, and dishes that are heartier, in general.

Everything you need to make your meal special

We are big believers that some of the best meals, especially those that feature truffles, are simply prepared with great quality ingredients. Pasta served with a simple butter or cream sauce is a perfect example. The addition of truffles just before serving can transform a dish like that into a spectacular feast. Browsing through our website, you will be sure to find the truffle ingredients you need to turn your ordinary meal into an extraordinary one. 

For recipes and inspiration, be sure to check out our recipes section on our blog. There we have compiled some of the best and most creative recipes created by our team of talented chefs and truffle experts. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.