To ensure the best outcome of your truffle dish, properly caring for them beforehand is essential.

We recommend wrapping truffles individually in a paper towel and store them into a sealed container in the refrigerator. Each day, re-wrap in new paper towels, to keep the truffles dry. If your truffles are slightly older, you may store them in rice to draw out excess moisture. Do not store newly harvest truffles in rice, as this will draw out too much moisture, causing the truffles to dehydrate.

You want to make sure that the truffles are sealed very well. Their strong aroma tends to permeate their surroundings quite easily. So if not properly sealed, you will have other items in your fridge that take on the truffle aroma-- as much as we love-infused eggs and potatoes, it does not taste well in other items such as milk when using it for cereal ;)