Hi, it's Jade with Sabatino. I received a beautiful batch of fresh truffles. And I want to show you today how to properly clean them. So Sabatino takes care of that for you, they are going through a rigorous cleaning process prior to shipping out the truffles to your door. But as a company, we want to ensure that you have the ultimate the best quality of travel, so we want to encourage you to do an extra cleaning after it has been transported from across the world. So I want to show you today how we do it what we recommend. Typically, we recommend holding a gentle stream of water for the sake of the video, I have a bowl of water take a handy dandy toothbrush, and you're going to gently scrub the truffle. So don't use your own toothbrush have a special toothbrush just for the trouble. But you'll notice as you're brushing that you're having tiny specks, typically that's just the outer skin that's brushing away but we just want to make sure just in case anything was trapped in a crevice to properly clean it. So we've cleaned the truffles right? You immediately want to try it Okay, you want to dry it with dry paper towel. Similar to mushrooms on any type of variety. They, they tend to sweat right they don't like a lot of water. So you want to make sure that the water the moisture is trapped that the water is completely out. So I showed you a toothbrush but you can also use a nail brush. Anything that's typically soft bristles, just make sure that you wash it after you can throw it into the dishwasher. Just make sure it's clean so it's free of any contaminants for the next time that you use it. But now you have beautiful clean truffles Yay.