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Hi. It's Jade with Sabatino. I want to show you how to properly store your truffles. So once you're fresh truffles arrive, you're going toe, unpack it, then you're going to lightly clean it, and then the next step is to properly store it. If you're not gonna be using it immediately, it's very, very easy. You want tough aware? Okay, Glass, container, Tupperware. Anything that has a deal. Right. Then you have your truffles, you watch her wrap each truffle individually and a piece of paper towel. Okay, Just like this. It's very similar to how you received it when you got the shipment, right? So you're just wrapping it individually in paper towel, and you're going to store it into the Tupperware. We're gonna do it one more time with this one. Okay, so this is what's interesting is that troubles sweat. They're releasing moisture.
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So what's going to happen is if you use a little bit, you don't use all of it. You're going to want to continue storing it in a new paper towel. So what you're gonna do is now this is perfect. We're going to store it in the fridge, but every day, because it's going to sweat a little. You always want to replace that paper towel. You want to keep the trouble as dry as possible. Now, the topic of rice. So rice is a wonderful option if your truffle is turning. And what does that mean? So the troubles that we have here and I have an extra want to show you here the troubles we have here are in beautiful, perfect condition.
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Okay, They're dry. You don't see any glistening spots, Okay? Like sweat spots. Almost. You don't see any of that shine when you do see it perfectly. Okay. That just means it needs a little more TLC. So if paper tells not doing it dresses if you still seeing it builds a little more sweat a little more. You can put it into a bowl of rice. So the same idea as Tupperware, but store it in rice. What that does as we know
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if we've ever dropped an iPhone, is that it absorbs moisture really well. So you're going to storm rice when you see that your troubles a little too wet. You do not want to do that with a beautiful fresh truffle because you're gonna absorb the rice is going to take out too much of the water content and make a brittle truffle. So just make sure when you get your fresh truffles that you're storing it in paper towel. But as over the days you see, it kind of turn a little bit, that's when you could do the rice method, and that is it for you. All right, good luck.