Adam Raksin

Meet Chef Adam Raksin of Great Jones Distilling Co.



Chef Adam Raksin has spent over 15 years in the culinary mecca of New York City honing his skills in prestigious kitchens such as Le Cirque, Benoit, L2o, Gunter Seeger NY, Per Se, and more.

What's cooking? (Like literally, right now)  

Grilled salmon on the Japanese grill and whole roasted cauliflower.

What do you love most about being a chef?

[The thing I love the most is] the communal part of breaking bread with new and interesting people even if you aren't sitting at the table with them.

Tell us about your first truffle experience. Did you love it or hate it?

Loved it! For my 18th birthday, my mother took me to Per Se for dinner as it was always my dream to eat there and at the French Laundry. We had the famous tagliatelle pasta with black truffles... Life changing to say the least.

What is your favorite way to use fresh truffles?

Shaved thinly over fresh pasta, with plenty of sauce to mop up with excellent bread for sure.

We all know each chef has their preference and style when it comes to picking out their truffles. What qualities do you look for in truffles?

Firm, heavy, uniform in color, no wet or soft spots - to name a few.

What is your go-to truffle product? And how do you use it?

The truffle salsa tartufata is one of my favorite products to use in soups and sauces.

What is the best truffle dish you’ve ever made?

Going to go with any simple, fresh, saucy pasta to showcase the taste and aroma of the amazing truffles in peak season.

Are there any tips you found helpful when working with truffles, that we can share with all of our truffle lovers out there?

Always keep them clean and dry.

If you’re missing your truffle slicer in the kitchen, what tool do you grab to serve truffles next?

Microplane for sure. Not only does it grate them into a perfect size, it aerates them so you can smell and taste them more.

Have you ever had a truffle cocktail? If so, what did you like about it?

I love a truffle and bourbon cocktail like we offer at Great Jones. The earthiness of the truffles and the bourbon compliment each other so perfectly.

What’s your favorite late night or fast food? Could one of our truffle products make it even better?

Microwave popcorn and yes - truffles always make it better!

Who inspires your cooking?

All of our guests.

What don't most people understand about truffles?

I think the fragrance throws some people off.

If you had to make a truffle dish for a 5-year old what would it be? 

Truffle grilled cheese with good old American cheese.