Our first Chef to kick off the series is Chef Dan Perretta

Dan Perretta grew up in Toronto, Canada and graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Culinary Management. In 2005, Dan traveled to work in some of the world’s best restaurants, including The Fat Duck in England, El Bulli in Spain, and Per Se in New York.

Chef Perretta joined The Alinea Group in the summer of 2007, where he proved himself as a memorable addition to the team. After returning to Toronto to teach at his alma-mater for several years, the Alinea Group was honored to welcome Dan back to Chicago in April 2014 as a sous chef at Alinea.

In June 2016, Dan was promoted to Executive Chef at the Aviary in Chicago and in 2018 opened The Aviary NYC as executive chef.

In 2019, chef Dan assumed the role of Executive chef of Roister restaurant for the Alinea Group.

What's cooking?
(like literally, right now) :-)

Cherry wood smoked American (Mishima) Wagyu rib eye, with cherry bordelaise sauce

What do you love most about being a chef?

Everyday is different at the restaurant, new guests, new ingredients and products to work with.

Tell us about your first truffle experience. Did you love it or hate it?

Don’t remember... but, I know I loved it 😃

What is your favorite way to use fresh truffles?

I’m a sucker for white truffles with butter and Parm... so, pasta or risotto

We all know each chef has their preference and style when it comes to picking out their truffles. What qualities do you look for in truffles?

Have to go with aroma.

What is your go-to truffle product? And how do you use it?

I love truffle oils, if used properly in moderation to enhance a dish that has fresh truffles already in it.

What is the best truffle dish you’ve ever made?

Sunchoke agnolotti with chicken jus, white truffle and pickled quince.

If you’re missing your truffle slicer in the kitchen, what tool do you grab to serve truffles next?

Japanese mandolin or, microplane.

Have you ever had a truffle cocktail? If so, what did you like about it?

Micah Melton from the aviary does a few white/black truffle infused vintage chartreuse spirts... so good.

What’s your favorite late night or fast food? Could one of our truffle products make it even better?

Obviously pizza... and, obviously some truffles would always be welcomed.

What food trend has blown your mind recently?

Chefs scaling back, and less is more approach.

If you had to make a truffle dish for a 5-year old what would it be? 

Truffle Mac and cheese