Truffle oils, at their best, use fresh truffles to infuse a base oil with truffle flavor. That is the method we use at Sabatino Tartufi and have always used. Unfortunately, many truffle oils on the market use synthetic or artificial flavors to simulate the flavor and aromas of truffles. We are fortunate to have access to fresh truffles year round and are able to offer all-natural and organic truffle products that are derived from fresh truffles.

Our best-in-class truffle oils are renowned for their flavor and quality because we use our proprietary steam extraction method to isolate as much flavor from our fresh truffles as possible. In our truffle oils, we use two different species of truffle, which result in slight differences of flavor between the two.

Our White Truffle Oils use the white truffle species, Tuber Magnatum Pico. The flavor is earthy and nutty with strong notes of garlic, which is the signature aromatic profile of white truffles, the most prized truffles in the world.

Our Black Truffle Oils use the black truffle species, Tuber Aestivum. The resulting truffle oil is earthier and more woodsy with notes of dried herbs and roasted nuts.

When deciding on which truffle oil to use, it is best to focus on the flavors you typically prefer best. You could also choose to use the truffle oils seasonally, based on when each type of truffle is harvested and in-season. As a reference, White Truffles are harvested in the winter months, while our Black Truffles (tuber aestivum) are harvested in the warmer summer months.