Fresh Winter Australian Truffles are Now in Season
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Dates: 6/5/23- 6/11/23 | Fresh Truffles In Season: BLACK SUMMER

A shot of our Black Winter truffles.

Some more of Our Black Winter Truffles.

A Closeup Of Our White Truffles.

PLEASE NOTE: Whole Truffles will often have a little nick , we call this a "canifer". This is a man-made nick done to check the ripeness of the flesh, by the forager. The forager will make a little cut with a special knife called a "canife”, hence the term "canifer".

Tuber Aestivum

Good morning everyone, 

We hope you're enjoying the summer so far and are looking forward to a fun and festive Independence Day celebration. This week, due to the holiday, we will resume shipping fresh truffles on Wednesday, July 5.

Our latest batch of Australian Black Winter Truffles (tuber melanosporum) is absolutely perfect. This batch is abundant and showing excellent quality with intoxicatingly rich aromas. The marbling is also exquisite with very good contrast making these perfect for topping any dish.

With such a large batch, availability will be very good. We will be offering two tiers - cuts and whole truffles and prices are slightly down this week.

As for our Black Summer Truffles (tuber aestivum), we have very good availability as well. The quality continues to be very good with very nice ripeness and very pronounced aromas. The flavor continues to be complex with roasted hazelnut aromas and earthy flavors as the season continues. 

Prices on Black Summer Truffles are steady this week.

Please email or call us for a fast quote.

Kindest regards,
The Sabatino team

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