Fresh Winter Australian Truffles are Now in Season
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Dates: 12/27/22- 1/1/22 | Fresh Truffles In Season: WHITE / BLACK WINTER

A shot of our White truffles.

Some of Our Black Winter Truffles.

A Closeup Of Our White Truffles.

PLEASE NOTE: Whole Truffles will often have a little nick , we call this a "canifer". This is a man-made nick done to check the ripeness of the flesh, by the forager. The forager will make a little cut with a special knife called a "canife”, hence the term "canifer".

Tuber Magnatum Pico


Tuber Melanosporum

Good morning truffle fans!

We hope you all had a nice holiday. This week we have a short shipping window (Tuesday to Thursday), but we have very good availability of Black Winter Truffles (tuber melanosporum) and White Truffles (tuber magnatum pico). We have good quantities of both varieties in stock.

We are seeing great quality in our Black Winter truffles this week. The truffles are showing nice, dark flesh with very ornate marbling. The aromas are very rich with notes of cocoa, dark roast coffee, and fresh earth. The flavors are also very rich and robust. Prices this week for Black Winter truffles are slightly up.

We also have a good amount of White Truffles as well this week. This week's batch is also showing excellent quality. The aromas and flavors are very rich, complex, and loaded with umami and woodsy notes. The truffles are also very nicely formed with plenty of nice-sized, well-rounded pieces. White Truffle prices are steady this week.

Due to the short shipping window this week and recent UPS shipping delays, we recommend placing your New Year's Eve orders early to ensure you receive your truffles on time. 

As a reminder, please see our Holiday shipping schedule below: 
Holiday Shipping Schedule:During the week of New Year's Eve, we will be shipping fresh truffles from Tuesday, 12/27 to Thursday, 12/29. (Sabatino NA offices will be closed on Monday, December 26). We WILL NOT ship on Friday, 12/30, so please place your New Year's Eve orders for fresh truffles as early as possible.

Please email or call us for a fast quote.

Kindest regards,The Sabatino team

Please email us or call for your fast quote.


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