We all know and love truffle fries. But how many of us have made them at home?! Yes, they’re our go-to whenever we see them on the menu too, but why not create these addicting fries for your family and friends? That way, you can have truffle fries, whenever and wherever – because that’s obviously a must.

Whether you’re making French fries from scratch at home or have your favorite brand of frozen fries, the key thing is to first cook them to your desired level of doneness. Do you like them baked? Fried? Twice-fried? (Twice-fried is definitely our favorite!) But any version of fries will take on truffle flavors well.

So, once that’s out of the way, the rest is pretty easy. It’s just a matter of garnishing. Yes, that’s right! All you do is add on truffle right after the fries cook. That’s how easy truffle fries are to make.

So let’s get to our favorite 5 hacks to create amazing, addicting, truffle fries.


1. Truffle Oil

The tried and true. It’s the first product ever used for truffle fries. It’s a staple at many restaurants and the most common one used to this day. You can just put about a teaspoon into the bottom of the bowl and hand toss the fries with the truffle oil. Continue adding a little more, all up to your taste.

But this is our hack: transfer the truffle oil into a spray bottle and spritz the French fries. Make sure to toss and lightly coat all of them. This method ensures that all fries are dressed with that delicious truffle goodness and they’re ready to eat.

Organic Black & White Truffle Infused Olive Oils
Sabatino Truffle Infused Olive Oils

White Truffle Infused Avocado Oil

White Truffle Infused Avocado Oil

We love throwing some fresh chopped parsley on top for color and extra seasonal freshness.

2. Truffle Zest

This guilt-free powder (low calorie and low sodium) doesn’t taste guilt-free when dusted all over French fries. It’s a great way to add truffle, especially if you want to keep it a little lower fat. But besides that, the taste of Truffle Zest is outstanding and you get the benefit of seeing the brown flecks of truffle on the fries, so it’s a fun visual reminder that they are truffle fries!

Our hack: the key is to start high when dusting the French fries so you get even dispersion of the delicious flavor. Keep the French fries in a large bowl and lightly toss the fries as you’re dusting the Truffle Zest on top. Continue dusting until you get to your preferred level of truffle flavor.

Truffle Zest

3. Truffle Zest & Cheese

Everything you love about Truffle Zest now gets cheesy. And nothing is better than some Pecorino Romano grated onto your French fries too for that extra addicting bite. We combined our much-loved Truffle Zest with it’s salty and cheesy friend Pecorino Romano. The combination completely amps up Truffle Fries – creating instant truffle cheese fries. YES!

Our hack: same hack as #2, start high to make sure you get a little seasoning on all of the fries. Continue dusting per your taste preference. We like adding a bit more on top right before serving, so you can really see the pile of Pecorino Romano cheese.

Truffle Zest & Cheese

4. Truffle Rosemary Salt

One of our newest salts, this is a bright, herbaceous twist on our original salt 

If you’re not a rosemary-lover, feel free to just grab yourself the original bottle. But the usage is the same, so stick with us.

The key thing to note is that salt is a little sneaky. We’ve all been there - oversalted food is not great.

Our hack: Make sure to portion out the salt. Start with ¼ teaspoon per serving. The classic finger pinch is all you need for this. We like starting high, to ensure that while we toss, we’re hitting every fry. Taste and add more per preference. (This also ensures you get more truffle fries than everyone else because you get to taste throughout the whole process!)

Truffle & Rosemary Sea Salt
A nice sprinkling of fresh rosemary really rounds out this version of truffle fries. Be sure to mince or chop finely then sprinkle on top before serving.

5. Truffle Ketchup

They can still be truffle fries if they’re paired with a truffle condiment, right? Well, either way it’s making the list because it’s probably the easiest way to truffle-ize your French fries. It’s also a really easy way to be able to offer different fry choices, for those who are not truffle lovers (how dare they!?).

Our hack: offer the Truffle Ketchup as a side on its own, but also create a truffle secret sauce by mixing in some mayo.
Hot Ketchup