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Hi, It's Jade from Sabatino. And today I want to talk to you about summer truffles. So they go by the scientific term Tuber aestivum, and these are harvested through the summer to fall season, May through September. Here at Sabatino, we're importing them from Italy, France and Spain, so the skin has a black, rocky outer layer. You can really see here the course exterior and the flesh ranges from white to off white to beige in color, and you can see the dark beige forming on this beautiful truffle. The aroma of fresh truffles have light notes of hazelnuts, fresh cut grass and earth. The taste is very light as well. The other thing to note is that this is affordable in terms of truffle species out there. Typically speaking, summer truffles will always be more affordable than other species we carry, so they are especially
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great if you want to try fresh truffles but can't afford something like the white truffle. It's a really great first step to getting fresh truffles onto your plate