Our Truffle Spread (Salsa Tartufata in Italian) and our White Truffle Spread (Salsa al Tartufo Bianco) are two items we created to make it easy to incorporate the luxurious, decadent flavor of truffles into a myriad of dishes.

To start, we will talk about using these spreads on bread. Our Truffle Spread starts with black summer truffles, button mushrooms, and extra virgin olive oil, along with a few herbs and spices to create a pesto-like spread that is ready to be spooned over crostini or bruschetta.

It also makes a welcome addition to everyone’s favorite bread, pizza. Smeared on top of a freshly baked pizza, the truffle spread creates an elegant upgrade to a standard mushroom pizza.

With pesto-like consistency, our truffle spreads can also be used to top and dress sandwiches where you might traditionally use a pesto. We personally love grilled vegetable sandwiches loaded with grilled eggplant, peppers, onions, and mushrooms topped with truffle spread to create a deliciously earthy expression of a standard grilled vegetable sandwich or wrap.

Truffles and burgers have been paired for as long as we can remember. Protein-rich burgers and our umami-rich truffle spreads create a combination that will have you salivating for more after every bite.

Most often, our truffle spreads are used as a finishing topping or condiment for elegantly-crafted burgers, but they can also be used to season your favorite burger by mixing a small amount into the ground meat mix before forming your patties. The result is luscious truffle flavor equally distributed in every bite. For best results, cook your burger no further than medium-well doneness. This will ensure the flavor of the truffles in the spread will not be lost to excess heat.

Another great use is pairing our truffle spreads with cheese. Because cheese offers a creamy, often savory base, our truffle spreads add additional complex flavors on top to create an ultra decadent bite that is rich in both texture and umami flavors.

Check out our Brie and Truffle Spread Canape recipe here. The combination of rich, creamy brie with our unctuous White Truffle Cream Spread delivers a remarkably simple, easy to make, and luxurious appetizer or snack suitable for just about any occasion.

Using our truffle spreads to fill dumplings is one way to create an instantly delicious forcemeat or stuffing in your favorite dumplings. For an Italian-style dumpling, such as ravioli, combine our truffle spread with fresh ricotta and your favorite herbs to create a silky filling that will outshine any other ravioli you’ve ever had and will minimize the need for additional sauces. A simple butter or white wine sauce is all you need to finish it off in style.

For a more Asian-style dumpling, you can combine our truffle spreads with fresh herbs like scallions, ginger, garlic and some spices to create deliciously addictive dumplings that can be dipped in your favorite Asian sauce or our Truffle Soy Sauce.

While we’ve talked about using our truffle spreads in dishes like burgers or as the stuffing for dumplings, each of our truffle spreads are equally versatile enough to be added as the finishing touch to sauces. When folded into freshly made cream sauces like alfredo or bechamel-based sauces, our truffle spreads will create a finished pasta or poultry dish that is sure to wow your tastebuds and those of your guest.

Similarly, our truffle spreads, with their pesto-like consistency, can be added to mayonnaise to create an umami-loaded condiment that you will likely want to add to everything from sandwiches to mayo-based salad dressings.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the always popular pairing of truffles and eggs. Our truffle spreads can be added to scrambled eggs, omelettes, frittatas, or quiches to create unique, new spins on classic crowd-pleasing dishes.

No matter how you choose to use our truffle spreads, there are no limits to the number of possibilities. The versatility of these unique spreads means you can use them on just about any dish you can dream up. Feel free to experiment, explore, and play with your favorite dishes to see where these unique items can create fun, new, and exquisite new takes you can share with friends, family, and guests.