Fresh Winter Australian Truffles are Now in Season
Fresh Black Winter Australian Truffles
Fresh Black Winter Australian Truffles

Fresh Black Winter Australian Truffles


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Fresh Australian Black Winter Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) Season: June - August 
The Australian Black Winter Truffle grows slowly in the undergrowth throughout the Australian winter. Black Truffles have a strong aroma resembling cocoa, licorice, hazelnuts and mint.

Recommended Uses

Beet salad with truffle mascarpone

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Beet salad with truffle mascarpone

Enjoy a fresh hit of summer flavour with our beet salad.

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Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Truffles, known as the "diamonds of the earth," have been admired since 1600 B.C.

These fungi form a mutually beneficial relationship with certain trees like Oak, Hazelnut, and Poplar.

There are about 200 truffle species, with the most revered ones, like Black Summer (Aestivum Vitt), Burgundy (Uncinatum), and Black Winter (Melanosporum), found in France, Italy, and Australia, and White (Magnatum Pico), found exclusively in Italy.